Destiny 2: Top 10 Bows, Ranked (2023)

Destiny 2: Forsaken introduced Bows, a deadly weapon archetype meant to bridge the gap between Scout Rifles and Sniper Rifles. Bows combine the rapid shots of a Scout Rifle with a Sniper Rifle's high damage per shot.

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As long as you master the draw time on these Bows, they can serve you well in PvE and PvP. Of course, Bows come in all shapes and sizes that benefit certain playstyles much more than others. Exotic Bows and even common Legendaries can dethrone other weapon categories with the right rolls. Here are the best Bows you can use in Destiny 2.

Updated September 6th, 2022, by Charles Burgar:While only one Bow was added in Season of the Plunder, it has a fantastic perk pool that competes with some of Destiny 2's best Bows. We've updated this list to include two Bows: Whistler's Whim and Wish-Ender. The former has some amazing perk combinations, while the latter saw a massive buff in Season of the Plunder that makes it a solid alternative to Arbalest in endgame PvE content.


10 Whistler's Whim

Destiny 2: Top 10 Bows, Ranked (1)

How to obtain: Trials of Osiris matches and Engrams.

Whistler's Whim is the first Bow to come from the Trials of Osiris. It's also the first Bow to roll with Kill Clip, increasing the weapon's damage by 33% for a few seconds after a kill. That sounds overpowered on paper, but it's not nearly as broken in practice.

This Bow is a Lightweight Frame, meaning its base damage is quite low compared to its Precision Frame cousin. Kill Clip alone won't cause one-taps, but pairing this perk with Radiant will let it one-tap. You can pair Kill Clip with Rapid Hit for faster reloads or Rangefinder for faster arrows and stickier aim assist. Either way, Whistler's Whim is a great Bow in PvE and a solid PvP Primary if you build around it.

Recommended Traits

  • Column One: Rapid Hit, Rangefinder
  • Column Two: Kill Clip, Swashbuckler, Opening Shot

9 Wish-Ender

Destiny 2: Top 10 Bows, Ranked (2)

How to obtain: Awoken Talisman quest, obtained from the Quest Archive in the Tower.

It might be surprising to see Wish-Ender on here, but Bungie gave this Exotic a massive buff in Season of the Plunder. It hits a target three times per arrow in PvE, deals more damage versus minibosses, and it has Anti-Barrier Rounds.

A single arrow is all you need to break a Barrier Champion's shield, making this a fantastic alternative to Arbalest. It also hits much harder than before, one-tapping fodder enemies with ease while dealing solid damage to majors. It won't beat Trinity Ghoul in terms of add clear, but if you're looking for a good endgame Bow that counters Champions, Wish-Ender might be for you.

8 Ticuu's Divination

Destiny 2: Top 10 Bows, Ranked (3)

How to obtain: Purchased from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower. Costs 1 Exotic Cipher, 100,000 Glimmer, 150 Microphasic Datalattice, and 1 Ascendant Shard.

Ticuu's Divination is a strange hybrid between Trinity Ghoul and Sunshot. This Exotic Bow fires three arrows that aggressively track targets while hip-fired. Aiming before firing will make all three arrows land together.

Unlike Trinity Ghoul, Ticuu's Divination is all about causing explosions. Enemies that are hit by a hip-fired arrow will be "marked," causing them to explode when they are defeated. An aimed shot will cause this detonation prematurely, making this weapon comparable to Sunshot in terms of add clear. Thanks to the Wrath of Rasputin mod, Ticuu's Divination's explosions can even spawn Warmind Cells when they defeat targets.

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If this weapon is so powerful in PvE, why isn't it higher on the list? Two reasons:

  1. Its gimmicky nature makes it somewhat difficult to use in PvP.
  2. Le Monarque exists.

Utilizing the explosive nature of this Bow in PvP can be frustrating in 3v3 environments. It's solid for 6v6 encounters, yet those game types are so chaotic that Bows are usually ill-suited for those types of firefights. As for PvE, Le Monarque fills a similar niche but also counters Champions and heals you. Ticcu's Divination is a powerful Bow you can bring to just about all endgame PvE content, but don't expect this weapon to dethrone Trinity Ghoul or even Le Monarque anytime soon.

7 Leviathan's Breath

Destiny 2: Top 10 Bows, Ranked (4)

How to obtain: Purchased from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower. Costs 1 Exotic Cipher, 100,000 Glimmer, 150 Microphasic Datalattice, and 1 Ascendant Shard.

Technically speaking, Leviathan's Breath is a Bow. This massive Heavy weapon deals a massive amount of damage with each shot, although it takes over a second to fully draw this thing. It's impractical for boss DPS in PvE content, yet this weapon is the bane of Champions and Guardians alike.

This weapon got a reworked Catalyst during Year 5, giving this weapon a stronger version of Archer's Tempo. One headshot is all it takes to make this weapon behave like a Precision Bow, allowing you to lay into Champions and tougher foes with ease. Champions die in one or two arrows, while Guardians in the Crucible and Gambit disintegrate if this Bow manages to hit them. It's easy to use, is one of the few Heavy weapons with an anti-Champion property, and it's a menace in Gambit. Don't sleep on this Bow.

6 Lunulata-4b

Destiny 2: Top 10 Bows, Ranked (5)

How to obtain: Legendary world Engrams.

Arsenic Bite has received a Stasis variant that lives up to that weapon's legacy. Obtained from Legendary Engrams, this Lightweight Bow has just about everything you'd want from a Primary. The Veist Stringer origin trait lets you shoot arrows significantly faster, and the inherent Stasis damage makes this Bow perfect for Stasis builds or anyone looking to free up their Energy slot.

As for perks, Lunulata has some great choices. Shoot to Loot and Headstone is one of the most fun combinations you can use, allowing you to shatter Stasis crystals to safely grab ammo from a distance—a fantastic synergy for GM Nightfalls. It's also the only Bow that can roll with Golden Tricorn, giving this weapon an immense damage boost. For PvP, Rangefinder and Successful Warm-Up can be quite powerful, although it falls behind options like Biting Winds and even the Harmony roll for Wolftone Draw.

Recommended Traits

  • Column One: Shoot to Loot (PvE), Rangefinder (PvP)
  • Column Two: Headstone, Successful Warm-Up, Golden Tricorn (PvE)

5 Biting Winds

Destiny 2: Top 10 Bows, Ranked (6)

How to obtain: The Dark Priestess Empire Hunt bounty.

Part of Europa's roster of weapons, Biting Winds is easily the strongest PvP Bow in Destiny 2. This weapon is a Precision Frame Bow that can roll with Swashbuckler. Due to how much base damage Precision Frames have, a x5 Swashbuckler stack will make Biting Winds one-tap Guardians to the head.

Perks that compliment Biting Winds include Killing Wind, Rapid Hit, and Moving Target. Killing Wind can be kept active for an absurdly long time once you have x5 Swashbuckler stacks. If you're playing a Competitive game type, Moving Target makes landing headshots trivial. Biting Winds isn't a bad PvE Bow either, but it won't live up to the likes of Arsenic Bite or Trinity Ghoul.

Recommended Traits

  • Column One: Rapid Hit, Moving Target (PvP), Killing Wind
  • Column Two: Swashbuckler

4 Under Your Skin

Destiny 2: Top 10 Bows, Ranked (7)

How to obtain: PsiOps Battlegrounds and Risen Umbral Engrams.

Under Your Skin is the best Legendary Bow in Destiny 2, and it's not even close. This weapon combines the best aspects of Ticuu's Divination and Hush to create a fast-firing, hard-hitting Bow that excels in PvE and PvP activities.

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The star of the show here is Successful Warm-Up, a perk that drastically reduces the draw time of this Bow after a kill. Paired with Archer's Tempo, your draw speed is comparable to Hush—a Pinnacle Bow from years past renowned for its near-instant draw time. Under Your Skin also comes with the Land Tank Origin Trait, granting Resilience and damage resistance with each combatant final blow.

If you find Archer's Tempo too fast when paired with Successful Warm-Up, you can get Hip-Fire Grip to make this Bow a breeze to land headshots with. Hip-firing a Bow like this never gets old. And thanks to its intrinsic Void damage type, you can use Volatile Rounds. This makes Under Your Skin proc Volatile with almost every arrow, dealing immense AoE and single-target damage. If you love Bows at all, you'll love this weapon.

Recommended Traits

  • Column One: Archer's Tempo, Hip-Fire Grip (PvP)
  • Column Two: Successful Warm-Up

3 Strident Whistle

Destiny 2: Top 10 Bows, Ranked (8)

How to obtain: Vanguard strikes and Engrams.

Strident Whistle is effectively Le Monarque but in Legendary form. This Precision Bow is currently the only Legendary Solar Bow in Destiny 2 that isn't tied to a raid, so that alone makes it worth chasing. Thankfully, this weapon has some amazing perks that make it an add-clearing machine.

The most notable perk combination on offer is Archer's Tempo and Incandescent, giving this weapon an AoE effect that triggers with each kill. The damage itself might not be great, yet it inflicts a Scorch DoT on targets. With a few back-to-back kills, all remaining enemies will Ignite, dealing immense damage over a large area. If you don't mind a slower draw time on this Bow, you can replace Archer's Tempo with Shoot to Loot to grab ammo from a distance. And if you're a PvP Bow main, this Bow is capable of rolling Surplus and Harmony—an elite perk combination that lets this weapon one-shot Guardians when paired with another damage buff.

Recommended Traits

  • Column One: Archer's Tempo, Shoot to Loot, Surplus
  • Column Two: Explosive Head, Successful Warm-Up, Incandescent, Harmony (PvP)

2 Le Monarque

Destiny 2: Top 10 Bows, Ranked (9)

How to obtain: Purchased from the Exotic Kiosk in the Tower. Costs 1 Exotic Cipher, 125,000 Glimmer, 200 Dusklight Shards, and 1 Ascendant Shard.

Le Monarque does everything you'd want from a Bow. Here are a few things it can do:

  1. Create poisonous clouds that deal great AoE damage.
  2. One-shot Guardians while you have a 20% damage buff.
  3. Proc Volatile thanks to Volatile Rounds.
  4. Heals you with each multikill.

You'll have to get comfortable landing perfect shots to get the most out of Le Monarque, but that small learning curve is completely worth it. This weapon deals immense damage, prevents Guardians from reviving allies or regenerating HP, clears out waves of enemies with a single arrow (especially with Volatile Rounds), and its Catalyst gives Le Monarque Unrelenting. Bow mains already know how good Le Monarque is, but if you've yet to use it, we highly recommend you give it a try. Once you get used to Le Monarque, you won't want to take it off.

1 Trinity Ghoul

Destiny 2: Top 10 Bows, Ranked (10)

How to obtain: Exotic Engrams and Xur.

What was once the worst Bow in Destiny 2 has become the best thanks to its Exotic Catalyst. When installed, Trinity Ghoul will activate Lightning Rod after any Arc damage kills a target. This extends to Arc grenades, melee attacks, Supers, and even Trinity Ghoul itself.

As a result, nearly every shot from Trinity Ghoul has Lightning Rod enabled, allowing this Bow to clear entire waves of enemies with a single shot. It has infinite ammo, can take down most enemies in a single shot, and can clear out waves just as well as Riskrunner but from further range. It even does well in 6v6 Crucible playlists, although we don't recommend using it for 3v3 Competitive. Every player should obtain Trinity Ghoul and Masterwork it.

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What bow does the most damage in d2? ›

Part of Europa's roster of weapons, Biting Winds is easily the strongest PvP Bow in Destiny 2. This weapon is a Precision Frame Bow that can roll with Swashbuckler. Due to how much base damage Precision Frames have, a x5 Swashbuckler stack will make Biting Winds one-tap Guardians to the head.

What is the best lightweight bow in Destiny 2? ›

► Able to roll with all the best PvE perks possible, Fel Taradiddle is potentially the best Lightweight bow in the entire game. Just try it with Archer's Tempo and Successful Warm-Up and you won't believe its speed.

Is Le Monarque good in PvE? ›

This makes Le Monarque an exceptional weapon in PvE because it can deal with all sorts of targets across difficulties, even chipping away at the health of powerful bosses.

What is the best PvP bow in destiny? ›

The best PvP bows in Destiny 2
  • Source: Trials of Osiris.
  • Source: Season of the Risen.
  • Source: Exotic kiosk in the Tower.
  • Source: Exotic kiosk in the Tower.
  • Source: Iron Banner quest.
  • Source: Random Exotic drop.
  • Source: Spire of the Watcher dungeon.
  • Source: Season of the Haunted.
Dec 16, 2022

What is the most powerful hunting bow? ›

The Fastest Compound Bows – Our Picks
  • Xpedition MX-15 – 358-362 FPS – Fastest Bow Overall.
  • PSE Xpedite – 352-360 FPS – Smoothest Draw.
  • PSE Bow Madness – 340 FPS – Most Consistent Shooter.
  • Blackout Epic – 340 FPS – Best All-around Mid-Range Bow.
  • Bear Divergent – 338 FPS – Best Youth or Starter Bow.

What is the best bow in the game? ›

The Pulley Bow is arguably the best bow in Elden Ring, at least so far. This weapon has the best range (55) of the bows or crossbows currently available in Elden Ring. Having a long-range is perhaps the most important attribute for this type of weapon.

What bow has the highest FPS? ›

1 | Hoyt Carbon RX Twin Turbo

Hoyt's new carbon riser Twin Turbo really scoots, with an ATA speed rating of 350 fps. This 33-inch axle-to-axle bow has a short, 5.875-inch brace height, but's smooth, too, thanks to the Short Stop stabilizer, Shock Pods, and other vibration-absorbing features.

Is a lighter or heavier bow better? ›

If you choose to go with an ultralight bow, just remember that heavier bows tend to hold steadier. With a light bow, it's possible for shooting form flaws to be exaggerated. And as much as accessories, such as quivers and sights can upset the balance of any bow, that imbalance can be especially apparent on light bows.

What is the fastest bow in Destiny 2? ›

500 is the fastest draw time a bow can have.

Is Shadow Hunter bow the best? ›

According to USgamer, the best standard bow you can acquire is the shadow hunter bow, which will cost you 650 metal shards and an item called a watcher heart. It fires hunter, hardpoint and fire arrows, so it's useful in a variety of situations.

How many kills does Le Monarque have? ›

Like most catalysts, Le Monarque's catalyst requires players to score kills in order to upgrade it and unlock the updated perk. Players will need an estimated 700 kills to fully upgrade its catalyst, which is definitely on the higher end of catalysts.

Is Ticuu's divination good? ›

Ticuu's Divination is a surprisingly good Exotic Bow. Not only can it clear waves of enemies, it can deal impressive damage to bosses and can even proc certain Warmind Cell mods.

What is the most op weapon in Destiny 2? ›

The lone Sword stands at the top of this list. The Lament is an absolute beast and allows for some of the most DPS in the game, due to its ability to be revved up and deal massive bonus damage.

Is the pulse bow the best bow? ›

The Pulse Bow has the highest listed base damage of all bows in the game.

Is Nightingale bow the best? ›

At its highest level, the Nightingale Bow does 19 damage, as well as deals 30 frost and 15 shock damage. This is what makes it even better than a base Daedric Bow, although with high enough Enchanting and Smithing perks a Daedric Bow made by the player has the chance of being just as good, if not better.

Is the ancient bow the best? ›

With an attack rating of 44 and a durability level of 120, the Ancient Bow is quite possibly one of the toughest items in the entirety of Breath of the Wild, able to be a reliable weapon for Link that won't break anytime soon.

What is a god roll PvP Fatebringer? ›

Fatebringer god rolls. Fatebringer is a Hand Cannon that sits in the 140 RPM archetype. This makes it sit around the middle of the speed options available to Hand Cannons, with it matching the likes of Dire Promise and The Palindrome.

Is Le Monarque good in PvP? ›

With all the points I listed against it earlier, Le Monarque is still my favourite weapon in the game for a reason - its a dream to use. I firmly believe that even with its average ttk amongst bows, Monarque is still one of the best duelling bows in PvP, and this is greatly thanks to that 100 Stability.

What bow do professionals use? ›

Bow: In Olympic archery, competitors use recurve bows that draw an average of around 48.5 pounds for the men and 33 pounds for the women. The bow may have a mechanical sight, but no optical enhancements. It also may feature stabilizers on the bow.

Which is stronger crossbow or bow? ›

The average power stroke on a crossbow is 14-inches compared to 25-inches on a compound. With the string pushing the arrow for an extra 10-11 inches, the vertical bow is delivering maximum kinetic energy far superior to that of a crossbow.

Which bow is easier shooting? ›

Compound bows are easier to draw, aim and shoot. Their cams or wheels roll over during the draw cycle to reduce the bow's draw weight at full draw.

What is the most popular bow? ›

The Compound Bow
  • By far, the compound bow is the most popular bow for hunting and target shooting.
  • Many styles are available, but they all work basically in the same manner.

What is the better bow? ›

The compound bow is probably archery's greatest technological advancements. It wasn't until the 1960s that the compound bow was born. Applying a system of pulleys, cams, and cables to the bow allows the archer to hold heavy draw weights with little effort.

What is the fastest bow ever? ›

PSE Archery - The fastest bow ever made...the 370 fps PSE Full Throttle.

Which bow is faster? ›

Xpedition Archery Smoke

It's the fastest bow they've produced, perhaps the fastest hunting bow ever, and it rockets out of the gate at a meteoric 370 fps. It has a 32- inch axle-to-axle length and a 5.375-inch brace height. It has either 60- or 70- peak draw weights, 28-30-inch draw lengths, and weighs 4.4 pounds.

Does a bow shoot better maxed out? ›

TECH TIP: Compound bow limbs are designed to work best (most efficiently) when they're at peak weight. If you intend to shoot your bow at, say, 60#, you will get slightly better efficiency if you choose a 50-60# bow and max-it-out, as opposed to a 60-70# bow turned down to its minimum.

How fast does a 500 grain arrow go? ›

A 500 grain arrow moving at 260 fps has a kinetic energy of 75.04 ft-lbs and a momentum of .

Do lighter arrows fly faster? ›

Lighter arrows fly faster and can group more tightly, but they're often harder to tune. Heavier arrows fly slower but resist wind better and penetrate deeper. Shooting the wrong arrow weight for a bow can damage equipment and harm the archer. That's why manufacturers design bows for specific minimum arrow weights.

What is the best bow size? ›

Bow Length

The old rule was if you had a short draw length, less than 28 inches, you should shoot a 56 or 58-inch bow. For 28 to 29½-inch draw lengths, a 60-inch bow would perform best. For draw lengths over 29½ inches, a 62-inch bow would be the best choice.

What is the easiest destiny title to get? ›

Each season, players can gild the Dredgen, Conqueror, Flawless, Deadeye, and Unbroken titles. Out of the bunch, Dredgen is arguably the easiest title to gild.

What is the hardest gun to get in Destiny 2? ›

In short, Redrix's Claymore is a pretty relentless death dealer. Redrix's Claymore, the hardest to get weapon in Destiny 2.

Where is the legendary bow in Destiny 2? ›

How to Acquire Your First Bow. After completing an early mission named High Plain Blues, you'll find yourself in the Spider's Safehouse. Just to the right of him will be Petra, and after speaking to her, you'll be given the No Turning Back combat bow as a quest reward.

Is the shadowhunter better than the crossbow? ›

Compared to the base Crossbow, the R1 Shadowhunter has 50% higher bolt velocity, 25% faster reload speed, and slightly less bolt drop. There isn't much of a setup to the R1 Shadowhunter in Zombies, save for the Field Upgrade. We recommend using Energy Mine as a fail-safe for defending yourself during a reload.

Is Auriels bow the best bow? ›

Overall, Auriel's Bow is best for a vampire character, although it's powerful regardless of what type of build you're creating.

What is the difference between Carja and Shadow Hunter bow? ›

The Carja Hunter Bow adds Fire Arrows that deal Flame damage and inflict the Burn status. The Shadow version adds Hardpoint Arrows that deal Tear damage. The first three versions of the Hunter Bow add a Weapon Modification slot and a new type of ammo as you find or buy the better versions.

How many kills for Le Monarque catalyst? ›

You can level up the Le Monarque catalyst by eliminating 700 foes.

Can you one shot with the kraber? ›

So, if you place down a wall before firing your Kraber at an enemy, you'll be able to one-shot them once again no matter what shields they're using. While this technique does require you to play a specific Legend, it may be worth picking up Rampart if you enjoy sniping enemies and taking out opponents from afar.

Is The Trinity Ghoul good? ›

The Trinity Ghoul is easily one of the best Bows in Destiny 2. This is entirely because of the Trinity Ghoul Catalyst and its amazing perk.

Is Le Monarque better than Ticuu's divination? ›

What you're missing is that you have to fire TWO arrows from Ticcu to get 29,958 total damage and that's WITH the catalyst. But two arrows from Le Monarque would be 40,408. So, no, Le Monarque is the one that demolishes the competition.

Is Le Monarque getting nerfed? ›

Destiny 2 Nerfs Omnioculus, Buffs Le Monarque, Thunderlord, More With Season 18. Destiny 2 announces incoming changes to several Exotics with Season 18's sandbox patch, including Omnioculus, Le Monarque, and more.

What is Le Monarque good for? ›

Le Monarque is an Exotic Bow in Destiny 2 that is able to apply poison to enemies. This Primary weapon is fantastic for crowd control and great for DPS phases with the right Mod combination. Le Monarque shines when fighting a group of enemies or a single target with a large health pool.

Is Ticuu's Catalyst worth it? ›

The bottom line is, the player will need to become familiar with using Ticuu's Divination to complete this quest quickly, and even then it will take a while. If the player plans to use this weapon a lot, very reasonable considering the damage potential with Sacred Flames, then it's worth doing the Catalyst quest.

What is the best way to use Ticuu's divination? ›

With Sacred Flame and Causality Arrows in mind, Ticuu's Divination is used best when players can effectively alternate between hip-firing tracking arrows and landing precision hits with perfectly drawn arrows on primed enemies.

What does Sunshot catalyst do? ›

The catalyst for Sunshot improves the following stats: Increases stability by +18. Increased range by +27.

What is the best bow Diablo 2? ›

Mist = The best PVM Bow - Amazon - Diablo 2 Resurrected Forums.

What is the best bow in Diablo II resurrected? ›

The Grand Matron Bow is the best base bow for the Ice Runeword, but it requires 108 Strength and 152 Dexterity to equip, so hit these benchmarks quickly.

Does Dragon Bone bow do more damage? ›

Dragonbone Bows are Archery weapons in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. They have the highest base damage of any standard bow, but is also the heaviest alongside Falmer supple bows.

Which bow is more powerful? ›

In archery, a recurve bow is one of the main shapes a bow can take, with limbs that curve away from the archer when unstrung. A recurve bow stores more energy and delivers energy more efficiently than the equivalent straight-limbed bow, giving a greater amount of energy and speed to the arrow.

What is the best bow type? ›

​The best type of bow for a beginner is a recurve bow. This will enable you to learn the basics of archery with the most versatile and cost effective type of bow before you consider getting a more expensive compound.

Which shadow bow is best? ›

According to USgamer, the best standard bow you can acquire is the shadow hunter bow, which will cost you 650 metal shards and an item called a watcher heart. It fires hunter, hardpoint and fire arrows, so it's useful in a variety of situations.

What type of bow is Windforce? ›

Windforce is a unique Hydra Bow. It makes an appearance in Diablo I, Diablo II and Diablo III. With the highest possible maximum damage of any bow, Windforce increases in power with higher levels. This makes it an impressive Mana leech weapon.

Is rampage bow the best bow? ›

1. Rampage Bow V – The Best Bow in Monster Hunter Rise. This one has gotten a lot of attention in the Monster Hunter Rise community. There are a lot of reasons why this is the definitive bow in the game right now, but mostly it comes down to consistent shot types.

Is Daedric Bow better than Dragonbone? ›

The Dragonbone Bow doesn't have quite as interesting an appearance as the Daedric Bow or Stalhrim Bow. However, its base damage outshines both of the other weapons.

Should you sell Dragon Bone? ›

Should I sell my dragon bones and scales? If you are a level below 25 then go ahead and sell them, there is no need to keep them if you will be killing more dragons later in the game and when the smithing perk is available.

Is Bound Bow the strongest? ›

The bound arrow is the strongest kind of arrow (equal to daedric) in the base game. Dragonbone arrows need to be obtained or bought like all physical arrows, and are very rare, especially at low levels.

What is the fastest bow type? ›

Xpedition Smoke — 370 fps

Topping this esteemed list is the limited edition Smoke from Xpedition Archery. Heralded as the fastest bow they have ever developed, it comes in with a reported IBO rating of 370 fps, which is an impressive number considering their Maco X from a couple of years back held the title at 360 fps.


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