Bungie confirms major Glaive buffs coming in Destiny 2 Season 17 (2023)

Modified 22 Apr 2022

(Video) Exotic Glaive Clarification, Blues Gone & Lightfall Downtime (TWAB) | Destiny 2 Lightfall News
Bungie confirms major Glaive buffs coming in Destiny 2 Season 17 (10)

Bungie has just dropped a massive blog post for the upcoming changes in Destiny 2 Season 17. The weekly TWAB (This Week at Bungie) consists of around 8,000 words that talk about tweaks and tuning in archetypes, weapon types, and perks. However, one of the crucial points of discussion was the change in Glaives.

Glaives have been a part of the game's sandbox since the start of The Witch Queen. It has played a part in the player's build, simply because of the artifact mods of Season 16.

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Unstoppable Glaive mods alongside Suppressing Glaives have made the weapon type somewhat useful yet pretty weak overall.

This week at Bungie, we seem to have written a short novel about upcoming weapon sandbox changes. bung.ie/3EBWUez https://t.co/pEzLHGUeKl

Next season, while there won't be any mods that might go into collaboration with the Glaives, Bungie is looking to make them useful on their own. The following article breaks down the changes coming to Glaive, both for Legendary and Exotic.

Legendary and Exotic Glaives to get major buff in Destiny 2 Season 17

Glaives are relatively new to the Destiny 2 sandbox, where the weapon type is loosely based on a player's approach to melee combat from a safe range. Originally classed as a polearm type, Bungie adopted the original design and combined the sci-fi aspect with a weapon from the Middle Ages.

Therefore, Glaive in Destiny 2 does melee attacks without consuming any ammo, which counts as kinetic damage. With the lunge range and weapon damage already being applied to the weapon type, Bungie had to be very careful not to overdo anything while applying any changes.

Special Weapon usage in Crucible broken down by each archetype: https://t.co/G6jnNXODy9

According to Bungie, their main intention for the perks on Glaives is to have something for activation. This will usually trigger off melee damage or kills. The perks include Grave Robber, 5x stacks of Swashbuckler, and ammo refills from Sealed Ahamkara Grasp.

However, weapon damage buffs such as Rampage and Kill Clip should not benefit from Glaive melee kills.

Projectiles, on the other hand, can grant damage perks, which additionally imbue the entire weapon with a damage bonus. The changes coming in Season 17 are as follows:

  • Glaive shield grants 97.5% damage resistance in PvE, with 75% in PvP
  • Increased damage in melee vs PvE enemies by 25%. This is not applicable against bosses or vehicles
  • Reduced energy drain speed while shielded by 30%
  • Projectiles got an additional buff where 0 stat increases speed from 30 to 60 m/s and 100 stat from 80 to 100 m/s
Bungie Devs are praising Season 17. They are describing it as “incredible”, “whole team smashed it”, “best work”. Season 17 launches May 24th at weekly reset. https://t.co/vOpK8EHHSO

Aside from the Legendary Glaives, Exotics will be getting a whole lot of buffs next season as well. The changes are as follows:

  • Titan Glaive: Edge of Action will grant players a Void overshield while inside the bubble Helm of Saint-14 will apply to this bubble alongside Ward of Dawn
  • Warlock Glaive: Edge of Intent will have its speed and acceleration of healing turret projectiles increased
  • Hunter Glaive: Edge of Concurrence will have the damage of wave explosions tripled, alongside the number of chained enemies from 4 to 8

Destiny 2 Season 17 is scheduled to release on May 24, as the community gets ready for this season's Guardian Games on May 3.

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    (Video) You'll NEVER Guess what these 7 New Lightfall Exotics can do... 👀


    What buffs work with Glaives? ›

    Glaives' melee attacks will interact with the ACD/0 Feedback Fence, Karnstein Armlets, and Necrotic Grip exotic gauntlets.

    Did Bungie Nerf suppress glaive? ›

    Destiny 2: Bungie Nerfs Suppressing Glaive Mod and Firmly Planted in Hotfix 4.0. 0.5. Destiny 2's latest hotfix sees a major nerf to the Firmly Planted perk on fusion rifles and the melee portion of the Suppressing Glaive mod.

    Did Xenophage get buffed? ›

    Xenophage: Now deals roughly half of its damage as impact damage, and the rest as detonation damage. Overall damage increased by 5%

    What is the best glaive in Destiny 2? ›

    1 Judgment Of Kelgorath

    This weapon is a powerhouse with the right roll, capable of dishing out more damage than any other Glaive in Destiny 2. And for those looking for a good tanking weapon, this Glaive has you covered too.

    Does Vorpal work on glaive? ›

    Annoying so, on the raid glaive it seems that Vorpal Weapon does not proc on the melee portion of the glaive but only on the projectile fired from the weapon.

    Did insect Glaive get nerfed? ›

    The Insect Glaive was considered to be 'nerfed', and was sitting at the uncool table with the Lance and Sword & Shield. To my pleasure updated tier lists are a little kinder; it's now mid-tier by some reckonings.

    Did Bungie disable suppressive glaive? ›

    Yes it's been disabled in all activities.

    Does glaive melee count as void? ›

    Glaive melee kills don't count as melee kills.

    For whatever reason, Void 3.0 Fragments are the exception to this rule. Melee kills with the Glaive do not activate melee-related armor mods like Hands-On or Striking Light. Melee kills cannot spawn Elemental Wells.

    Does a glaive count as a sword? ›

    In Modern French "glaive" refers to short swords, especially the Roman gladius.

    What is the strongest exotic weapon in Destiny 2? ›

    Destiny 2: 10 Best Exotic Weapons, Ranked
    1. 1 Witherhoard. Coming in at number one is Witherhoard!
    2. 2 Gjallarhorn. Fans of Destiny will instantly recognize this weapon's return from the original game. ...
    3. 3 Outbreak Perfected. ...
    4. 4 Arbalest. ...
    5. 5 Thunderlord. ...
    6. 6 Dead Man's Tale. ...
    7. 7 Parasite. ...
    8. 8 The Last Word. ...
    Jan 7, 2023

    Is Xenophage still good 2022? ›

    Xenophage is once again a great pick for all PvE content and not a bad Heavy weapon inside the Crucible, although it loses out to Gjallarhorn and Wardcliff Coil.

    How did anarchy get nerfed? ›

    Reduced total reserve+magazine ammunition from 26 to 16. Reduced damage by 30% vs bosses (Champions are not bosses).

    What is the God roll for the enigma? ›

    The Enigma PVP God Roll

    In the fourth, Unstoppable Force gives a big buff to shots fired after your shield absorbs a hit — just remember to keep your shield up for the return fire. That's about it for The Enigma.

    What is the strongest Insect Glaive? ›

    The Insect Glaive you want to shoot for is named Catastrophe's Light, with the highest single raw damaging Insect Glaive in the game, and comes with a high Elderseal stat. Catastrophe's Light is forged from the Ore Tree, forking off into the Nergigante Tree and is the final upgrade.

    Is a glaive a Poleaxe? ›

    A glaive is a polearm consisting of a single-edged tapering blade similar in shape to a modern kitchen knife on the end of a pole. The blade was around 18 inches (46 cm) long, on the end of a pole 6 or 7 feet (180 or 210 centimetres) long.

    Does frenzy do more damage than Vorpal? ›

    Like the rest of the top contenders on this list, Frenzy also boosts damage, and it throws in some extra handling and reload speed to boot. That bonus is bigger than Vorpal Weapon, though it requires you to be in combat for 12 seconds to activate.

    Does thresh work with glaive? ›

    When I found out rampage, kill clip, thresh, etc didn't work with the glaive melee, I was instantly turned off by the glaive and wish I hadn't wasted my ascendent alloy. Perks that require shots should just trigger on melees as well.

    Is Insect Glaive weak? ›

    Triple Extract Upkeep: Without its buffs, the Insect Glaive is rather weak. At the very least, the red extract is absolutely necessary for the weapon, and the other extracts will make your hunts go much smoother. Always try to have all three buffs active. If you don't have them active, focus entirely on getting them.

    Is Insect Glaive a good solo weapon? ›

    Also IG is a light weapon, so all the restrictions from other light weapons apply here, too. You can do solo just fine with IG or any weapon. But it is a pretty weak weapon and kinda lacks variety, IMO.

    Is Insect Glaive any good? ›

    Nonetheless, it remains a great agile weapon that's still the quickest way to get you in the air. The benefit of using the Insect Glaive is simple - the Glaive itself is actually an insect, which can inflict status buffs on you by harvesting monster extracts.

    Why did Bungie get rid of Cayde 6? ›

    During an interview, Project lead Scott Taylor noted that Cayde-6 was ultimately chosen to be permanently retired because the character occupies a "really unique place" in the Destiny universe.

    Does Bungie ban for exploits? ›

    Players that discover an exploit should not be worried about receiving a restriction or ban. Bungie will not punish a player for discovering a game exploit. Players are encouraged to report any game exploits so that they can be fixed to ensure all players have the best experience possible.

    Is AFK farming allowed in Destiny 2? ›

    Destiny 2 players can use an AFK farming method to obtain hundreds of Neutral Elements per hour through craftable weapons leveling up.

    Why can't monks use glaives? ›

    First, Glaives are a martial weapon; that invalidates it immediately. Glaives also have the Heavy weapon property which makes them ineligible to be a Monk weapon. Not even a Kensei can get around that. None of the other similar weapons will ever qualify either.

    Do glaives benefit from Synthoceps? ›

    Glaive melee attacks can now benefit from the Exotic armor perks on Synthoceps, Wormgod Caress, and Winter's Guile. Glaive melee damage multipliers reduced by 25-30% against Champions, minibosses, bosses, and vehicles.

    Does grave robber proc with glaive? ›

    Grave Robber is another good option for the first perk row, as it reloads your weapon from your ammo reserves when you get melee kills, including melee attacks with the Glaive. A few other perk combinations to consider: Lightweight Emitter, Light Mag, Impulse Amplifier, and Unrelenting.

    How old is glaive? ›

    Is a Xoris a glaive? ›

    An obscure glaive weapon of Corpus provenance, intrinsically linked to Specter technology. The Xoris strikes rapidly and with great devastation. It is capable of chaining combos infinitely. Corpus glaive possessing high attack speed and uniquely has infinite combo duration.

    Is naginata a spear or glaive? ›

    A naginata is a Japanese Blade on a Stick similar to a glaive, characterized by a long, curved blade with a handguard.

    What are the most useless Exotic weapons in Destiny 2? ›

    The worst Exotic weapon in the game is likely a sword named Worldline Zero, which was only ever useful when "sword skating" was feasible, but now serves no purpose.

    What is the most op weapon in Destiny 2? ›

    The most powerful weapon in Destiny 2 is right now the Retrofit Escapade machine gun, provided it has the Fourth Time's the Charm and Target Lock perks, and is used with Volatile rounds.

    What Exotic weapons have unstoppable? ›

    The weapons that can take advantage of these mods will change every season, but there are a few Exotic weapons that have intrinsic anti-Unstoppable capabilities built into them: Bastion -- Fusion rifle. Devil's Ruin -- Sidearm. Leviathan's Breath -- Bow.

    Is Destiny 2 Getting rid of planets? ›

    All planetary materials are being eliminated. This includes Dusklight Shards, Microphasic Datalattice, Helium Filaments, Baryon Boughs, Spinmetal Leaves, Glacial Starwort. You will still be able to turn them into Rahool for a reduced amount of glimmer, but you will not be able to get any more of them.

    Does Xenophage still one shot oracles? ›

    For the designated Oracle-killers in the team, Exotic Machine Gun Xenophage is the best weapon as it can destroy an Oracle in one shot. If every Oracle-killer uses it, teams can get through the Oracle waves very quickly.

    Was MK nerfed? ›

    The following weapon changes are now live: • MK-Seven Assault Rifle nerfed by 1 damage for all rarities. Stinger SMG nerfed by 2 damage for all rarities • Auto Shotgun reload time buffed by 1.53s for all rarities. Jen!

    Why was Circle of Healing nerfed? ›

    This week, Behaviour Interactive, the creator of Dead by Daylight, revealed that a Boon: Circle of Healing nerf will be included in the 5.7. 0 test server patch. According to the developer, the modification was done due to popular demand, with the nerf lowering the perk's healing speeds among all tiers.

    Did Xenophage get nerfed? ›

    Xenophage got hard Nerfed this season. : r/DestinyTheGame.

    What perks trigger with glaive melee? ›

    Glaive melees should activate perks that trigger off base melee damage or kills (for example, ammo refill from Grave Robber, weapon damage buff 5x stacks on Swashbuckler, ammo refill from Sealed Ahamkara Grasps).

    Does Rampage work with glaives? ›

    However, weapon damage buffs such as Rampage and Kill Clip should not benefit from Glaive melee kills. Projectiles, on the other hand, can grant damage perks, which additionally imbue the entire weapon with a damage bonus.

    Does stronghold work with glaives? ›

    Title. edit: Glaive's are real weapons and armour similar to Stonghold was used with them and the closely related weapon, the Halberd.

    What perks affect glaive melee? ›

    The melee on Glaives does NOT trigger other perks that require a primary hit. Killing Wind for example is only triggered by the leftclick shot. Graverobber though, can be triggered by a melee. This is why you use a graverobber perk on your Glaive.

    What is the strongest insect Glaive? ›

    The Insect Glaive you want to shoot for is named Catastrophe's Light, with the highest single raw damaging Insect Glaive in the game, and comes with a high Elderseal stat. Catastrophe's Light is forged from the Ore Tree, forking off into the Nergigante Tree and is the final upgrade.

    Can glaives pop lead? ›

    If Lead Bloons or DDTs reach within range of a Glaive Lord without Red Hot Rangs or other forms of lead-popping power, the glaive ring will be completely blockaded and never damage bloons until the bloons are out of the way.

    Can both Warglaives drop? ›

    The best estimates for Warglaive drop rate are 5% per glaive, independent rolls for each glaive mainhand and offhand, and separate from the other loot drops. This comes from historical data and if that is correct it means it is possible to see both Warglaives on the same kill!

    Do shadow glaives degrade? ›

    Once equipped, the glaive will degrade to a broken state after 60,000 charges of combat (a minimum duration of 10 hours of combat). It can be fixed by Repair NPCs such as Bob in Lumbridge, or at an armour stand in a player-owned house.

    Can you dual wield glaives? ›

    If the DM considers the improvised weapon to the the same as a glaive then it will have the heavy and two handed properties. The bottom line is that dual wielding glaives isn't possible RAW. A DM is free to homebrew it if they are interested in doing so.

    Are glaives thrown? ›

    The term "glaive" is used in the science fiction/fantasy film Krull to refer to a thrown weapon, similar to the chakram or hunga munga, which can return to the thrower, much like a boomerang. "Glaive" has been used to describe this fictional type of weapon in films, video games and other fantasy media since.

    Do glaive melee kills count for unrelenting? ›

    Note that Unrelenting does not activate on glaive melee kills, making it a pretty bad choice for this weapon.

    Does the Xoris count as a glaive? ›

    An obscure glaive weapon of Corpus provenance, intrinsically linked to Specter technology. The Xoris strikes rapidly and with great devastation. It is capable of chaining combos infinitely. Corpus glaive possessing high attack speed and uniquely has infinite combo duration.

    Do glaive melee kills count for Demolitionist? ›

    It's worth noting that, unlike some other perks, Demolitionist triggers on melee kills with the glaive, making it even better.


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